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Astoria fishing guides and charter boats catch Salmon and Sturgeon and offer bottom fishing trips in the mouth of the Columbia river and the Pacific Ocean.

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     Big Fish Guide Service Guide Josh Frederick guides on the Columbia, and most its tributaries. We angle for Sturgeon, Salmon, and Steelhead. Trips include, top of the line tackle, fresh bait, and we even provide your lunch.

     Hooked On Fishing Guide Service
Dave Perez of Hooked On Fishing Guide Service offers fishing trips for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon on the Columbia River. Areas include Buoy 10, Bonneville Dam area, Mid-Columbia and it's tributaries (Wind River, Drano Lake and Klickitat River) and the Priest Rapids/Hanford Reach areas.


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We specialize in sturgeon fishing, salmon fishing, (King Salmon & Coho salmon) steelhead fishing, & crab fishing on the Columbia River, Willamette River, Nehalem River, Tillamook Bay, & Buoy 10 as well as crossing the Columbia River Bar to fish in the Pacific Ocean.  GALE FORCE GUIDES

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Astoria Salmon fishing charters and Washington Salmon fishing guides fish Astoria the Cowlitz River Lewis River and popular rivers like the Columbia River fishing guides for salmon Steelhead Sturgeon and Shad.

Salmon fishing season and fishing regulations for Ocean Salmon fishing can help you learn how to catch Salmon at Buoy 10 and Astoria fishing guides and charters offer charter boat services for Spring Chinook and Fall Chinook Coho and Chinook fishing.

Spring Chinook Salmon fishes popular Northwest spots like the Columbia River,
Willamette River, Clackamas
River Tillamook Bay & Nehalem Bay
for Salmon, Sturgeon & Steelhead.

How to catch Fall Salmon on the Columbia river at buoy 10

It is common to open this fishery August 1 & close it near labor day.  The best fishing does not usually start on the opener, but picks up within a couple of weeks, depending on the weather.

Most salmon fishing early in the season will be near the Buoy 10 at low incoming tide, following a rip upriver as the tide comes in. Later in the tide /& or season the fish seem to congregate near the Astoria Megler bridge.  The prime area is near buoy 10, as all the fish have to come past this to get upriver on the incoming tide. 


This can also be called "Combat Fishery"  meaning the boats will be maneuvering trolling/mooching in close proximity to each other, & some skippers do not watch where they are going.  Others seem to not be aware of what is going on around them, as when a fish is being played within 30' of their boat.  This can be compared to a large dance with MOST of the boats all going the same large circle & close to each other.  Occasionally a blind skipper may want to troll across thru the dance floor, which may even get more than under the breath exclamations.  It is not uncommon to look out & see 200 + boats in an area of 1 mile.  One thing, if anyone fell overboard, they would not be in the water over a couple minutes.

The worst as far as concentration of boats will be at buoy #10, which is the western most boundary & the first shot at these returning fish.  This buoy is located at the inside end of the jettys.  This area however seems to be one of the best locations to fill a limit.  Most of the charter boats will work this area.

Many people bypass the buoy & fish upriver near the middle of the river and near the "Yellow Can" (D) buoy which is in 25-30' & is off the breakwater near the Chinook entrance.  There is also a 50'/60' slot at the "Church Hole" which between the Chinook entrance & the bridge on the Wash. side where many Chinook are taken.  There is a church on the Washington shore that is right on the shore & it's steeple is very visible.  The other area where many fish are taken is again from the church to the bridge but south 1/4 of a mile in the 30' slot. As the tide nears high, the fish seem to congregate above the bridge & up to the WDOT rest area.  

There seems to be an imaginary line from the Washington side high spanned section of the bridge to Tongue Pt, that the upriver salmon seem to follow and cross over the shallows to the main channel on the Oregon side.  The few that stay near the Washington shore will probably be Deep River or Grays River fish.

Astoria fishing guides and local resorts for salmon, steelhead, fishing guides and outfitters from all over the northwest. Not all these fishing guides fish this area but they are all some of the best fish guides in the northwest from Alaska, through Canada, and into Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Popular resorts, cabin rentals, boat rentals and outdoor services including camping spots, RV and trailer camping locations and outdoor products from fishing tackle to tents and stoves are listed here too. Popular waters include the Columbia river, The Kenai river, Tillamook Bay and species include fall Chinook salmon, spring chinook, upriver brights and springers as well as smallmouth bass, trophy sturgeon and keeper sturgeon. Select a guide or resort below and have the fishing adventure of a lifetime.